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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What People Are Saying About ''Teaching English in Saudi Arabia: Strategies and Class Activities''

Stay tuned for the official eBook Launch date-- coming in 2013!

What people are saying:
   ”Teaching in Saudi Arabia is both challenging and rewarding.   I think this book gives an accurate overview of the challenges faced in Saudi classrooms, as well as some awesome activities and strategies to help you have a successful and rewarding teaching experience. I wish that I had had this book when I first started teaching in the Kingdom!”Janine C. Galindo (taught in Saudi Arabia for 13 months)

 ”I so want to thank you for this valuable resource. It’s really helpful and  the cultural nuances you document are so true for these Saudi girls. I can only give positive feedback.” - Joan Carpenter, English Instructor (was teaching in Saudi Arabia at the time of making this comment)
 ”I’ve enjoyed reading it. I feel like it echoes a lot of what I went through and felt about teaching in Saudi.”- Greg Wirch, taught in Saudi Arabia for 1 year