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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some Insights into Middle Eastern Morals and Values from Sarah

Sarah Ali has written a book titled, “Teaching in the Middle East through Understanding Culture.” ( see link to the right on the homepage).

 It explores the slight nuances in culture throughout different
countries in the Middle East.

 It gives tips for new teachers who are not familiar with the Middle East and the culture. Below is a excerpt explaining religion.

“There are certain morals and values that differ from Western values. In the Middle East spending a lot of time together as a family and making sure that no shame is on the family through misconduct is very important. An example of a gross misconduct in the Gulf and certain religious families in Turkey would be a family’s daughter seen out on a date with a man. There is a lot of shame involved in this as a woman is supposed to remain a virgin until marriage. Dating is not an acceptable behavior in most families and marriages are frequently arranged. Drinking alcohol is forbidden among orthodox Muslims as it covers the mind therefore affecting the ability to pray. Although, there are many Muslims who do not practice the religion and can be seen doing contrary. Additionally, Istanbul is much more liberal and you will see groups of young men and women spending their time in cafes or going on dates.”

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