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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taxi Tips

The best recommendation I have is to find a decent, honest, reliable taxi driver and use this person as your private personal chauffeur.  In fact, line up 2 or 3 in case driver #1 isn’t available when you need him.
Since there isn’t a central Taxi line you can call to have someone  pick you up, to find a taxi driver, you have to stand by the roadside and wave one down. Simply stand at the roadside and when you see a cab with its top light lit, hold your arm out straight, palm down. The driver will flick his lights to see if you want a ride and to confirm he's seen your hand signal. 

I found drivers from India easiest to deal with, since their English was often better than drivers from other countries, they were punctual, and they didn't try to change the cost of the fare upon arrival.
If a driver you encounter impresses you, be sure to ask for  their telephone number.

To find a really good taxi driver, you either have to stumble upon one by accident or ask around ( ask other foreigners and people who have lived there a long time).

I found it particularly hard to find a driver who know his way around the entire city well, so
always bring a map with you and also get descriptions of landmarks nearby, as well as the name or number of the nearest Exit ramp. Knowing this before you set off will likely save you hours of time wasted in transit.


  1. I completely agree. There is nothing more difficult than to need a taxi in Saudi Arabia and have to look for one but feel stressed out because you are not sure if the new taxi driver is normal or ...a little creepy.

    I think I went through a handfull until I found a good one.

  2. I'm so new to using the taxi! I just got out of one! How much are you supposed to tip if any? I'd definitely use the naples taxi again when my car is in the shop.


  3. I never really tipped unless a driver
    really went out of his way to drive me somewhere.

    I'd let the driver keep the change usually since it was easier than getting change back. (Often they didn't have change on hand.)

    When you use one taxi driver regularly, I'd suggest giving a tip once a month to sweeten the deal and make sure he remains available when you need him but that is about all I`d do for tipping.


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