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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

About the Dental Care in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Good news!

The dental care in Saudi was exceptionally good and affordable, and the service I received was excellent. With my health plan coverage, the portion I ended up paying for some high quality dental work was peanuts compared to what I had been quoted in Canada and Chile.

For example, I paid $25.00 CAD (Canadian dollars) in the end for a marathon session of dental work that included getting my teeth cleaned, a number of fillings replaced and cavities filled, and  a major tooth reconstruction / filling replacement and a coating like a veneer on one of  my front teeth so it matched a nearby bridge and crown that no longer matched my natural teeth colour exactly. In comparison, the tooth reconstruction /fillling replacement alone had been quoted in Chile to cost me $2700.00 Canadian dollar and the front tooth coating at least $500.00 Canadian dollars.

It wasn't hard to find a dentist. Just ask around or drive around and look for buildings that look like clinics but have a tooth on the sign.

The dentist I found had been trained abroad and he spoke excellent English.The clinic was clean and modern.

Maybe I was just lucky, but I got in to get my teeth cleaned the same day that I made the appointment, and the kind dentist made room to do the rest of the work I needed done (about 4 hours worth) within the next 2 days, before I left the country.

That was over a year ago and the dental work has still held, and other dentists back home commented on the high quality of the work I had done.

As a result, I wish I had gotten all my dental work done as soon as I was given my health card, instead of waiting until the last week I was in Saudi Arabia. I could have been pain and worry free months earlier than I was.

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